"Kicks Like Mine..."

This piece was created from what I envisioned as I walked down the street listening to Wale’s song “Kicks,” a favorite hip-hop artist of mine who shares the same passion for sneakers that I do. I reprised this project from my old art school folders and updated it with a more appropriate representation of my skills. The lyrics read “bet you never seen… a pair of kicks like mine,” the second portion of that lyric has the letters in big bold print with a yellow outline and the design inside the lettering is my variations of the elephant print design originally seen on the infamous Jordan III’s which were designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield. The bricks and windows of this building are all made out of sneaker boxes, and the lower parts of the building resembles a concrete material that is held together by shoelaces and the appropriately placed lace loops. The sneakers hanging from the streetlight are actually a custom creation of my three favorite sneakers at that time and are more importantly a reference to the blending of the hip-hop culture and the sneaker culture. Extra credit points awarded for those who can pick out the three sneakers involved.

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