It was an absolute privilege to work with this incredible company that is ranked in the top five of biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the world. This client had a wide range of visual project requests that were mainly for their events and conference presentation needs. They never had a shortage of wild or extravagant visual requests. This particular project shown here is a portion of the themed event for their global gathering that I largely contributed to creating. The obvious theme here is the Expedition concept that was part of the larger metaphor for exploring new heights and finding success in terrains that would frighten everyone else. We designed everything from the standing signs shown here to trinkets, agenda booklets, Jumbotron graphics, PowerPoint templates, key chains, miniature booklets, and variety of other signage needs that came in all sizes and dimensions that had interchangeable components so signs could be reusable, cutting down on wasted materials and saved the client a large amount of their print budget.

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