ZH Logo Concepts

Lead Brand Designer / Lead Web Designer / Marketing & Identity

The quest for my own personal logo was a very long search that resulted with me having roughly around 50 logo concepts with varying styles. The ultimate winner resides in the top left of this website while a handful of my other favorites reside to the left (or above) this paragraph. My exploration of this letter combination started back as a kid when I was just learning how to draw and have now taken on an entirely different meaning and visual connection to my current profession. The top row is an example of how playful and freely these letters can take shape, and the bottom row is aimed at more of a solid structured logo that represents the kingdom I am going to build.

Rev It Up!

Freelance Clients: Jarrod Gaither & Liz Hoffman
Lead Brand Designer / Lead Web Designer / Marketing & Identity

This typography-based logo was created for my favorite freelance clients. I created their business brand identity and website design to capture this start-up companies comfortable, easy-going, and whimsical business style. They were more than pleased with the outcome. Rev It Up! is a Chicago based company of officiants that way more than your traditional church reverend. They are open to all requests for any wedding themes or locations that are desired by the bride and groom. Rev It Up! have be involved in a Nightmare Before Christmas theme and even dressed as Chicago Cubs Players and married a young couple at Wrigley Field during the seventh inning stretch.

Robby Barnett - Logo

Lead Brand Designer / Lead Web Designer / Marketing & Identity

This logo was created for Robby Barnett another freelance artist and good friend of mine. Robby is an amazing videographer that shared the same ambition as me to head out to California to add our contributions to the visual industries. Along with the logo I also created a responsive website design for Robby but due to his brilliant talent he acquired a position in California before we even started setting up his website. Yeah he’s pretty good.

The New Typography

Lead Brand Designer / Lead Web Designer / Marketing & Identity

Inspired from a vacation to New York several years back in which we took a trip to the MOMA. The The New Typography Exhibit was being shown at the MOMA at that time and was a must visit for me while on vacation because of my life long love of graffiti that manifested into an obsession with typography in my professional design career. I was inspired to do a current rendition of new cultural usages of typography. The never-ending ability to create a variation of any letter from its original structure and how many feelings and concepts can be represented in the creation of a simple word. I also created a website to expand on this inspiration but unfortunately it is not represented in my current profile.

Swift Nix

Lead Brand Designer / Soccer Cleat & Sneaker Designer / Marketing

Swift Nix is one of many side projects that I have been developing over the years and this one has the privilege of being debuted on my portfolio site due to it’s upcoming potential. Along with this logo I have created and designed a variety of soccer cleats, sneakers and clothing apparel that will set the foundation for this brand. The huge obstacle here is acquiring the funding to go up against the giants of this industry; Nike, Adidas, and Diadora, who are all idols of mine as well.

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